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3 Weight Loss Outcomes To Avoid Before 2024

weight loss Chicago, The Gold Coast, East Side, Lincoln Park,  For many, weight loss success is measured by how quickly the weight comes off. The desire to reach the goal as soon as possible is understandable but whether the weight is lost quickly or slowly, it should always be accomplished without compromising your health.

Losing weight in a healthy way and keeping it off can be quite challenging without proper guidance – hence the billion dollar weight loss industry. The biggest mistake most people make is eating in a way that is incompatible with their health profile, their metabolism or their objectives.

There are too many diets that result in one of three unfavourable outcomes:

The most common outcome is the yo-yo syndrome where weight is regained after a relatively short period, and then re-loss and then regained... Mind you, scientific studies do not conclusively show that this poses an increased danger of cardiovascular disease or mortality. However on a practical level, I think we all know that weight cycling is not great for your self-esteem. Nobody likes the feeling of not being able to fit into their favourite...(click for more)