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Studies Link Oral Health to Overall Health

healthysmileCavities and gum disease are emerging as indicators of poor nutrition and future disease risk.

While most of us understand what cavities are, many are not quite as familiar with gum disease. It is caused by inflammation of the gum tissue and progressive loss of bone around the teeth which leads to tooth loss.

Researchers are investigating correlations between cavities, gum disease, heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, certain cancers, bacterial pneumonia, and even adverse pregnancy outcomes. Many studies have already shown a correlation between poor oral health and poor overall health.

A Korean study published in January of this year (2017) showed an association between underweight individuals and tooth loss in adults. The low weight status of these individuals is thought to be associated with inadequate intake of essential nutrients that are important to maintaining the health of teeth and gums. In addition, the scientific literature shows that well nourished elders have significantly more functional teeth in comparison to elders at risk of malnutrition...(click for more)